First Day Down

26 Mar

photoThe first day is down and it wasn’t too bad. I had a few cravings for pop especially after lunch and during long periods of sitting.  It is amazing how it becomes habit and then the habit becomes engrained in you. The biggest key is to not look too far down the road and to take it one day and one situation at a time.  Also, realize that each situation is like a snowball rolling down the hill. The more good decisions you make, the bigger the ball gets and the more momentum you carry. When the ball is big enough, a bad decision won’t hurt, but if you make a few bad decisions in a row and that ball gets rolling, the opposite can happen making it harder to make good decisions. Luckily for me coffee with a little bit of heavy cream is my savior. It cuts down on the headaches, is a healthier alternative, and cuts the monotony with drinking water constantly.

Have you started to make any changes? What tips and advice do you have for me?


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