Gut Check

31 Mar

Don't Waste Time: Challenge Yourself!What a tough weekend. Pretty much blew up my bracket this weekend with Michigan losing. Only got 1 of the 4 final four teams correct. On another note, I also learned just what can happen after a few months off from working out.

This weekend was our big move into our new house after months of getting the other house sold in Nashville and trying to find a new one here in PA. Everything was all set as we were going to get everything out of storage and into the new house. My cousin David was a huge help and really I couldn’t have made the move any other way. Starting out was fine, moving box after box onto a U-Haul meticulously stacking each to maximize space. Even unloading the first truck into the house was a piece of cake. Yes there were heavy boxes that had to be carried over a pretty good distance, but it was no problem at all.

Then came round two and the realization that I was completely out of shape. Round 2 consisted of all of the furniture from our previous house. Tables, chairs, sofas and much more. Getting everything onto the truck was again, not all that challenging. We were able to park the truck right up to the storage container and practically toss it onto the vehicle. Getting it from the truck to the house was another story. As each piece came off the truck, it seemed as though they got heavier and heavier. Even the lighter items, by the time I reached the doorway, were slipping from my grip. I’m not sure why but we ended up leaving the worst and the heaviest stuff for last. The cramping, especially in the forearms and legs were especially bad. Luckily we made it through though I don’t know if there had been any more furniture that we would have made it.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson though that fitness is not something you can give up and go right back into. It’s something that needs to be maintained. Even if you can’t continually hit the big weights and grow, you need to do something to make sure you don’t forgo all the progress you’ve made. This week it’s time to hit it hard and get back to where I was.

What are your goals for the gym this year? How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Have you been punched with a gut check like this one lately?


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