Headaches Begin

2 Apr

It didn’t take long, less than 24 hours actually for the sugar headaches to begin.  This happened the last time that I went completely clean eating.  I thought the caffeine would help cut the headaches but it appears I have more of an addiction to sugar than I do caffeine. If you are joining me in the clean eating experiment, the headaches shouldn’t last too long. For me it took about 6 days last time for them to subside, but once they were gone the feeling was amazing and the energy that came back was beyond anything I had ever experienced.

I have definitely hit the fatigue button as well. Last night I was ready for bed about 8:30 and when I woke up this morning, I was in a complete fog and still tired.  I know this too will subside in a few days and am looking forward to seeing the great results.  I am hoping that once the fatigue subsides I’ll be able to start hitting the gym to give myself a much needed boost in the fitness department.

Are you doing the 30 day challenge? What are you experiencing right now? Have you given up after 24 hours?

Your opinion is greatly appreciated! Drop us a note!

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