5 Things You Need to Know About Weightloss

3 Apr

If there is one thing I know, it is weight loss. I have been through the gamete when it comes to weight loss and I’ve always had success achieving my goals.  The first go-round I had with it was the p90x experience. With p90x I saw results I never thought I would ever see before and was ultimately in the best shape of my life. The great thing about it was, I mostly continued to eat what I wanted, though healthier versions, and still saw results.  Let’s face it, with all that working out, why wouldn’t you lose 20 to 30 pounds.  That is exactly what I experience.  The second go-round of weight loss I changed things up completely. Yes, I worked out, but I wasn’t nearly as crazy about it and the only thing I really focused on was weight training with very little cardio.  Following the Paleo diet, I saw tremendous results having lost 70 + lbs in a little over 3 months. I had started in March and by June I was at my goal weight of 165. Here are the five things I learned about weight loss that should help you along your journey.

1. Consistency

I’m not going to tell you one diet is better than another; or that you need to work out x number of hours using y program to see the results you want. What I will tell you though is that you need to be consistent in whatever you choose.  Whether you are trying out Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem, Insanity, or CrossFit, one thing remains the same, you have to stay consistent. Even if you are trekking out on your own plan, staying consistent matters because it helps you develop habit and prevents you from straying off course.  Our bodies are naturally wired for homeostasis and being consistent allows us to rewire our bodies to a leaner, healthier version.

2. Weight Loss is Hard

If you’re getting into weight loss thinking it’s going to be a piece of cake, it won’t take very long before you’re cooped up in a mountain of cake and trying to eat your way out of it.  Weight loss is hard and most people don’t experience more than a few pounds of weight loss each week or even each month.  Only the lucky ones are likely to see big results quickly. However, if you stay consistent like I said above, the weight loss may start out slow but then build the snowball affect as you get toward the middle of your goal.  Slow and steady wins the race.

3. 90% of Weight Loss is Nutrition

I learned this the hard way. If you noticed in my introduction, I tackled weight loss through both routes, physically and nutritionally. While working out certainly helps you build a base and makes weight loss easier to accomplish and maintain, the secret ingredient in this battle is your nutrition.  When I did p90x, I certainly saw the results but even having dropped 30 pounds by my wedding, I still wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. I will pre-curse that with the fact, I did not follow their nutrition plan and I certainly wasn’t eating as healthy as I could. When I switched to a nutrition packed diet and moderate exercise, the results came much quicker and the working out was much easier.  Nutrition is the key to helping your body heal and setting up the chemistry just right for optimal weight loss.

4. It Is Easier with a Partner

Going about being healthy and losing weight is much easier when someone is there fighting the good fight with you.  This case is 100 x more true when that person fighting the fight is your significant other (I’ll get to that in a minute). Having someone who can hold you accountable is key and making sure they hold you accountable is very important. If you are ever in a situation where you are going to cheat, think about the disappointment that you will bring to that other person.  Someone told me one time (this is related to quitting smoking) that when they wanted to have a cigarette, all they had to do was picture themselves telling their mom or their children that they had to have that cigarette for x reason and it immediately caused them to lose the craving.  The feeling of disappointing someone is deep and hurtful and a lot harder to bear than the thought of missing out on a pleasurable scoop of ice cream.

If you are married or living with someone, having them join you in the fight is doubly important.  1 reason and 1 reason only is this the case; if you are eating healthy and they are eating junk, it is going to be much harder to avoid temptation.  If you are both in it together, you can remove all potential temptations from the beginning and set your environment to be more successful.

5. It Takes Commitment

Weight loss takes commitment even beyond the day you reach your goal. I will go one further and say that the commitment needs to be stronger after you reach your goal.  It is easy to feel satisfied and fall off the wagon, get into old habits and see the weight pile back on.  I got comfortable after my last round of weight loss and got back into old routines after the stress of life caught up to me with having a baby on the way, the threat of losing my job, and the thought of moving 11 hours away.  I allowed those comfort foods to creep back into my life instead of finding healthy comfort foods that could ease my stress. You need to stay committed from the moment you make the decision to lose weight. If you don’t it’s going to be a cyclical pattern and you’ll never see the results you want long term.

How are you doing in your weight loss journey? Have you had some stumbles along the way? If you have progress updates, let us know with a comment below!


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