Day 4: Resisting Temptation

4 Apr

Call me crazy, but just four days in and I feel amazing. Headaches are gone, my pants are already starting to feel better, and the belt that was hard even getting to fit on the last notch is just about ready to move one notch tighter. The last time I had weighed myself which was about 4 weeks ago I was at around 225 and I am almost certain that I had added weight to that over those four weeks. Like I had said in my first post, I really refused to look at the scale beyond that out of sheer embarrassment and knew that I was well on my way to obscurity because my fat pants weren’t even fitting anymore.

If you follow my Facebook posts you probably have noticed that I haven’t been 100% true Paleo simply because 1. we’ve been eating Greek yogurt and I don’t see the harm in it and 2. because I had corn yesterday, only because we had it in the house and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Despite those two minor details, I have stuck 100% true to my word of eating clean (which yogurt and corn isn’t necessarily not clean). I can’t wait to see what the end results are at the end of the 30 days.

Yesterday was probably one of the more challenging days because someone brought in to work what looked like some delicious muffins and cinnamon rolls. I’m a sucker for cinnamon rolls. While the temptation was great, I held true and resisted it the entire day.  My biggest secret was avoiding the room they were held up in much of the day.  Resisting temptation is definitely like building a muscle, the more you use it the stronger you get, but you can also become very fatigued and give in quickly. Therefore you really need to make sure you limit the number of times you need to resist temptation.  The other thing that helped really well was knowing that my wife was going to ask me, so did you have one? Having to tell her yes would have been a huge letdown and I know I would have been mocked and teased for giving in.

I’m signing off for the weekend but I hope everyone that reads this has a wonderful weekend.  We have a lot of big projects on the house in store including refinishing the cabinets in the kitchen and doing our taxes (yikes!).  Remember if temptation calls, it is okay to say no!

What is your biggest food temptation? How have you overcome it? What would you like to see in future posts?


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