Excersise and Golf

7 Apr

I love golf, but golf doesn’t love me. Let me explain. Golf is one of those games that looks easy, but when you step on to the lush green tee box, grasping a driver in hand, something doesn’t translate. Typically when I swing the club, the ball goes left or right and very rarely does it land on the fairway.  God forbid I hit an iron that lands on the edge of the green, stops dead in its tracks and reverses direction toward the hole.  Does this stop me from going to the driving range or dropping 20 to 40 bucks on a round of golf? Of course not! It’s a fun game that relaxes my mind and eliminates stress for the four hours I’m on the course.  One thing most people don’t think about when it comes to golf is how much it exposes your fitness level.

When I first started playing golf, I was completely terrible.  Of course, the more I played, the better I got, but I noticed something.  About two or three years into playing, I began working out, eating better and losing weight.  An amazing thing happened when I started doing this, I got better. Not only did I get better, my game improved by leaps and bounds.

When Tiger Woods stepped onto the scene in the late 90s he forever changed the game of golf.  While he had a tremendous gift, his foundation came in his fitness. I don’t personally know Tiger, but anyone who does can’t stop talking about his tremendous work ethic in the gym.  His strength was leaps and bounds above anyone else in the game when he burst into the PGA.  His fitness laid the ground work for his golf game and allowed him to grow as a golfer.  Lefty is another great example of fitness in golf.  Phil Michelson when he first entered the PGA didn’t have the strong accolades. He won events, but wasn’t at the top of the golf world.  Slowly he began to transform and you could tell physical he was getting stronger.  If you look at Phil now compared to the beginning, he looks stronger and walks stronger which has translated directly into his game.  The last example I’ll bring up is Bubba Watson.  If you follow Bubba you know he has one of the most explosive drives in the game.  I had the opportunity to stand in front of Bubba when he was on the tee box at the masters a few years ago.  If you want to wet your pants, try this.  When he laid into the swing, you could physically feel the wind of the ball as it blew by.  Such an awesome feeling.  If it wasn’t for Bubba’s work ethic in the gym and his pure core strength, he wouldn’t have near the explosion off the tee.

Golf is a great game and there’s no better time to celebrate it than during Master’s week.  Take some time this week to dust off the clubs, hit the gym, and then head out to the course.  What is your favorite part about golf? What is your best score? Do you plan on watching the Master’s this week?


2 Responses to “Excersise and Golf”

  1. strengthcody April 8, 2014 at 10:08 pm #

    Great post Kyle!

    I love golf and you’ve hit the nail right on the head with fitness level affecting your play. I can definitely say all the work I put in the gym, especially explosive movements like power cleans, translates to the game. My high club speed has increased a lot and I routinely hit the ball 300 yards and up with my driver (not straight all the time though, haha). It makes the game a lot more fun, like you said, and can’t wait to play anytime I get a chance.

    Also, thanks for the comment you left on my blog!


    • kcraig82 April 9, 2014 at 8:51 am #

      Thanks for the comment! While repetition takes care of hitting it straight, hitting the weights does as well. I can’t wait to hit the links, I’m tired of the constant pounding of snow we are getting up north here. It’s time for spring already!


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