4 Reasons Why Fitness Matters

9 Apr

Often times we only think of fitness as accomplishing or meaning one thing, losing weight and looking good. It wasn’t until I stumbled up a blog by Steve Kamb at NerdFitness that it hit me that there are real life applications to fitness beyond athletics and trying to fit into societies mold of what is acceptable.  For a dad, whether you have a son or daughter, it is twice as important and here are a few reasons why.

1. Protecting Your Family

What if there was a fire in your home and the only way to get your family out was to climb your family down from the tree next to your window? Would you be strong enough to get down with your child or significant other in tow? More realistically, what if that fire caused your wife to pass out before you could get to her and you needed to carry her out of the house? We don’t think of real life emergencies like that and while, yes, adrenaline will kick in a little bit, there is only so much that can go around. I don’t know about you but I’d rather rely on my strength to save me and not some chemical that is only admitted in high tense situations.

2. Being a Good Role Model

From the moment your son or daughter is born, they are looking up to you.  You may not realize it until they are able to talk and repeat every cuss word out of your mouth, but they do idolize you and want to be like you.  Wouldn’t you rather them mimic the fit, strong, heroic type dad, rather than the couch potato, sweat pants wearing, lazy you? Showing them good habits early on sets them up for a lifetime of healthy choices and good decisions.

3. Being the Bedtime Hero

Who hasn’t come across the situation where their child, and or significant other hasn’t fallen asleep way before their bedtime on the couch and the only way to get them from said position to their bed is by carrying them up the stairs? Wouldn’t it be great to have the strength to get them there peacefully by doing all the work? If there’s one thing that makes you feel like Superman, it’s this.  Whiles it’s not the most important thing on the list, it is one that creates a connection and bond with you and your family so hit the gym Sally!

4. Playing with your Kids

This is one that we really overlook. Just being able to play with your kids and to be active in the back yard is something we all tend to undervalue.  For some, they just don’t have the physical capabilities to do this but long to on a daily basis. For you and I, we may get lazy, let ourselves go and then have it become burdensome to get off the couch and play. That’s why staying on top of your fitness is extremely important. The more time you spend with your kids in the backyard and off the couch, the less likely they are to fall into bad habits and behaviors.

Being a parent is tough, I’m not going to lie about that. There are some steps we can take to make it easier on us physically.  Getting into the best shape possible really helps overcome the complete exhaustion associated with raising kids.

What types of activities do you enjoy with your kids? Have you had the chance to take them on a nature walk?


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