Change Isn’t Always Obvious

15 Apr

For many people when they are starting on a healthy living or weight loss journey look for immediate and tangible results that they can put in their back pocket and feel good about. Some may be looking for their waistline to tighten or specific areas like their arms or legs to lose inches. However, the change may not always be evident right away unless you look very carefully.

For me, it takes a while to start noticing changes in my waistline or even in my dairy air. The first and biggest place I notice change is in my neck. Just two weeks into my journey and I’ve already noticed a huge change in my neck, but if I hadn’t been keen to my own body, I simply would have thought I was failing or doing something wrong. When I started this journey, my neck was around a 17 1/2 and today it’s around a 16. That is a HUGE difference! As my neck thins out, so does my chest which I’ve already notice a big difference in as well. One of the biggest reasons I even notice them is because these tend to be the two big areas in dress shirts that are usually the tightest. While I’ve seen big changes in these two places, I have not seen a huge change in my waist. Since starting I’ve lost about 1 notch on the belt. Probably the equivalent of going from a size 38 to maybe a 37, but I’m not worried.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world where we can simply change our habits, exercise to specific body parts and magically lose all of the weight in those areas. Each of us is different and our bodies will pull fat from the areas that are easiest to burn. For me that is the neck and chest region, for you it might be odd places like your calf and ankle areas. Taking a full body picture daily or once a week can really help you to see the change side by side and boost your confidence along the way. It’s also helpful to have a trusted friend look at those pictures with you because they are more likely to see change that your mind may skew.


Where do you see the biggest changes in the beginning? What techniques do you have to stay motivated?


Your opinion is greatly appreciated! Drop us a note!

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