Confessions: and 4 Ways to get Over Cheating

17 Apr

Sometimes we get ourselves into a little pickle. This past weekend was especially tough. Back to back days of working on the house with a sick little guy in tow made for a very difficult Sunday evening. After heading to pick up a bunch of things from my parents, the plan was to go to our local grocer Wegman’s, pick up a roaster chicken and then throw some veggies in the oven for a quick meal before bed. Unfortunately things didn’t quite turn out the way we wanted them to. When we got to the store, there were no pre-roasted chickens to be found. Prepared foods were scarce and our little one was cranky and starting to run a fever. We did everything we could to find an alternative that met my criteria but the longer we were there, the more in a panic we were just to get out of there to tend to our little one. So I broke down, with no other options, and we ordered subs for dinner. To make it as healthy as we could, we piled on every vegetable they had behind the counter and limited our dressings to olive oil and spicy mustard. While it didn’t meet my 30 day criteria, it was the healthiest option we had available for the time constraints. Here are some things I could have done, and you could do, to avoid a mess like this and how to get over it:

1. Be Prepared
I should have had a meal prepared earlier in the day (like a crockpot meal) that would have been ready to go when I was ready to eat. Lack of my own preparation put me in a sticky situation and I failed.

2. Know Your Limits

We had been busy all weekend and I shouldn’t have made the extra effort to get more things from my parents house. We were already pushing 6:00 and I knew we wouldn’t have time to put something in the oven or on the stove.  Instead, I should have called it quits, prepared a decent meal, and settled down for the evening. Knowing your limits helps you manage situations better and allows you to make a calm rational decision rather than a quick one.

3. Don’t Let It Spiral

If you find yourself caught red handed and cheating, you need to move on and not let it fester inside of you.  If you see it as a failure, your more likely to fall off the wagon.  Those cookies can’t hurt now, it’s not like I stuck to my plan anyway.  The truth is, those cookies can cause a spiral and every bad food you see will fall under the, well I already ruined my day category.  I had a moment like this yesterday and after I realized what I was doing, I stopped immediately.

4. Your Next Meal is your Healthiest

So what, you made a boo boo (parent terms for mistake). You have two choices to make here; 1. you can let it eat you alive and continue to make bad choices or 2. your next meal is the healthiest meal you can possibly make. Think lots of veggies in a rainbow of colors with a decent portion of protein thrown in there.  This is quickly going to allow you to hit the reset button on your appetite (because the cravings will come back quickly) as well as set the healing cycle from the damage you caused from any sugar or gluten intake you may have had.  Don’t let one bad meal lead to the next. You HAVE TO make a conscious decision to make the next meal healthy.

How have you been doing on your journey? Have you had any stumbles? Have you been able to recover from them?


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