Progress Updates

21 Apr

I know I had said that during the thirty day challenge to focus on how you are feeling and what changes your are experiencing with your body; however, this weekend  I just had to take a peek at my progress.  Changes have been happening pretty quickly and I’ve been feeling great. The last time I had weighed myself was around late February.  At the time I was pushing the scale at 225.  Needless to say, that number reflected how I felt. I was miserable, unhappy with myself, and looking for change.

This weekend I had the opportunity to weigh myself again. I’ve stuck to the challenge (minus 1 cheat meal) and thought I would reward myself by looking at the scale.  I was astonished at the results I had seen despite physically being able to see such great results already.  I am 21 days in and I am already down to 205 lbs.  That is astonishing! I will say though that some of the weight loss could have come in the month since the last time I weighed myself to the start of the diet.  Either way, I am inching closer and closer to my goal of 175 lbs. My next big progress mark that I am hoping to hit is 190 lbs. That will mean I crushed across the 200 threshold which has been the big barrier my entire life.

I had hoped to have started getting up early to get a workout in as it has been completely impossible to workout at lunch or after work.  With a baby and house projects, there is just zero time to get any type of a workout in.  Today I was all set to get up at 5:00 a.m. but unfortunately my alarm just did not cooperate and the white noise from the baby’s sound machine completely drowned out the alarm. I won’t give up though and will try again tomorrow.

How is the progress on the goals you have set for yourself? Have you reached a plateau? What exactly are your goals?

Your opinion is greatly appreciated! Drop us a note!

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