Humility is the Best Medicine

17 Jun

I hate to harp on old wounds, but the last year has been one of the most humbling 20 months of my life.  I guess you could say it has been the most humbling 2 years of my life.  The journey all started abouut the time my wife got pregnant.  While I had so much success prior to her pregnancy with eating clean and following a nearly 100% paleo plan, I had done it all with her following along the entire time. I wasn’t prepared for the barrage of cravings that she would experience and how I would resist those temptations. 

The weight gain started off at a turtle pace.  Eating a milkshake hear and there started my spiral into poor eating. I made it okay for myself because I was working out on a consistant basis and not experiencing the weight gain I thought I would when i reintroduced SAD foods back into my diet.  Fofor the most part my weight fluxuated up and down but only ever went up a pound or two. 

About 8 months into the pregnancy, we found out my wife received a new job and that we would be selling our house and moving about 12 hours north of Nashville.  This wasn’t stressful news and was actually very positive. She was going to be able to have the baby in Nashville, and we would’t have to move until well after the baby was born. More importantly, we were going to be closer to family and friends and have the opportunity for our son to grow up near cousins and grandparents. 

Things took a spiral within less than a month of moving back to Erie. The constant barrage of packaged and processed foods did a toll on my system. Even worse, was giving ini to my old nemesis, pop.  I could’t resit being exposed to it every day. Within I’d say, 3 months, I had gained nearly all of my weigh back going from165 pounds to over 200.

By the time I left Erie and we had moved to Pittsburgh, I had spiked at about 235 pounds. It was a weight I never imagined I would see again. Since moving to the Burgh, I have gotten back on track with the workinng out. i have a system that works for me now and I think the systems are in place to withstand change.  As of June 13th, I am 225 pounds but losing inches off my waist every week. I have not dropped a single pound since starting working out back in March. On Monday of this week, I challenged myself to begin a cleaner eating program and I am excited to share my progress with you.

Share your story with me. If you’d like I’d be happy to share on the site. 

Keep pushing! 


One Response to “Humility is the Best Medicine”

  1. strengthcody June 20, 2015 at 5:10 pm #

    Hey that’s great that you’re eating healthy again! Traveling can put you in a really tough spot to eat clean and stick to your guns! I know haha. Good luck to getting back into the shape and health you want. Keep it up!


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