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Humility is the Best Medicine

17 Jun

I hate to harp on old wounds, but the last year has been one of the most humbling 20 months of my life.  I guess you could say it has been the most humbling 2 years of my life.  The journey all started abouut the time my wife got pregnant.  While I had so much success prior to her pregnancy with eating clean and following a nearly 100% paleo plan, I had done it all with her following along the entire time. I wasn’t prepared for the barrage of cravings that she would experience and how I would resist those temptations. 

The weight gain started off at a turtle pace.  Eating a milkshake hear and there started my spiral into poor eating. I made it okay for myself because I was working out on a consistant basis and not experiencing the weight gain I thought I would when i reintroduced SAD foods back into my diet.  Fofor the most part my weight fluxuated up and down but only ever went up a pound or two. 

About 8 months into the pregnancy, we found out my wife received a new job and that we would be selling our house and moving about 12 hours north of Nashville.  This wasn’t stressful news and was actually very positive. She was going to be able to have the baby in Nashville, and we would’t have to move until well after the baby was born. More importantly, we were going to be closer to family and friends and have the opportunity for our son to grow up near cousins and grandparents. 

Things took a spiral within less than a month of moving back to Erie. The constant barrage of packaged and processed foods did a toll on my system. Even worse, was giving ini to my old nemesis, pop.  I could’t resit being exposed to it every day. Within I’d say, 3 months, I had gained nearly all of my weigh back going from165 pounds to over 200.

By the time I left Erie and we had moved to Pittsburgh, I had spiked at about 235 pounds. It was a weight I never imagined I would see again. Since moving to the Burgh, I have gotten back on track with the workinng out. i have a system that works for me now and I think the systems are in place to withstand change.  As of June 13th, I am 225 pounds but losing inches off my waist every week. I have not dropped a single pound since starting working out back in March. On Monday of this week, I challenged myself to begin a cleaner eating program and I am excited to share my progress with you.

Share your story with me. If you’d like I’d be happy to share on the site. 

Keep pushing! 



16 Jun

Wow, it’s hard to believe but it’s been almost a year since my last post. How time flies. Life simply got in the way and I’ve had to let things go. 

Things have certainly changed since my last post. Not only has my son grown tremendously but so has my waistline. At the same time, my motivation has shrunk and we’ve moved to yet another city. 

I didn’t want to start writing again until I’ve gotten things in order and begun to make changes. One of the biggest changes I’ve made is getting up at 5 am and hitting the gym by 6. My workouts have been meticulous and focusing primarily on weight training. Things have been going really well and I’ve been able to hit the gym solidly 5 days a week since March. 

I’m noticing big changes physically, but I’ll get to that another time. Til then, what have you been up to the last year? Have you reached your goals?

Its Been A While

3 Jun

Posting on here has been quite the challenge. It is disheartening to open wordpress everyday and see the number of people who are visiting, or I should say aren’t visiting. If I do get visitors, it usually ranges from 1 to 4 and involves about a minute and a half on the site. I’ve asked what everyone wants and get nothing in response.

From here on out, I am using this as a personal platform. I’m going to use it to keep track of my own progress. I’ve been on a weight rollercoaster all of my life and I hope that this platform allows me to share the journey, my struggles (which are by the dozen) and my successes. If you want to read, great. If you want to comment, even better. I realize the web is inundated with millions of health websites so I am not going to try to be that source anymore.

So where has my journey brought me? I’ve going from 245 pounds down to 165 and back up to 225. On my last weight loss scant, in thirty days I went from 230 lbs to 205. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I’d say I’m still right around that same weight. I have not worked out in over a year, but I’ve worked really hard to change my diet.  The last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed some major changes in my body like some thinning around the neck, and legs but still think I’m in the 205 range.

In June, I am working on my own challenge. With an 8 month old, it has been quite hard to get sleep let along get up before work and get a workout in.  June is going to be different. June is going to be the month I take control and start working out before work. This means I have to get up at 5:00 am get the dogs out, and then get as much of a workout in as possible. My goal is to work out at least 4 days a week. for 10 to 60 minutes each morning depending on intensity.

The first two days were great. Monday I completed a HIIT from the website Grokker. The workout was just what I needed to get started. It was 15 minutes of pure insanity, constantly moving and pushing myself. Today, I had a little less time to work out so I opted for the 7 Minute App. This app is fantastic and gives you 30 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. The workout left me completely exhausted, which is a combination of being sore from yesterday and the intensity of the workout today.

How will you challenge yourself in June? Are you beach body ready or are you like me and hoping to have a beach body by September?

Barriers, Barriers, Barriers

14 May

One of the biggest barriers I face on a daily basis is attempting to get a stellar workout in a 30 minute period of time at lunch. Typically I can get an insane weight lifting workout with an intense sprint session in on a daily basis. The barrier doesn’t lie in not having enough time to get the workout in, it lies in trying to get to the gym and finding a parking space. Some days provide a real struggle to find a space and the time wasted trying to find a space limits or inhibits my workout.

I am working hard to overcome this barrier by finding alternatives to going to the gym on days when the parking is atrocious. One way I’ve worked to overcome this is by developing a stellar stair routine that I can incorporate about one to two times a week.

We all have barriers in our life whether they are based around getting fit or bettering our lives in some other way. In order to successfully overcome those barriers, it takes real passion and dedication. Planning is the best defense to defeat the walls that we build for ourselves. If we have a plan for overcoming potential barriers, we are more likely to follow through with our goals than having to come up with a solution on the fly.

What is your biggest barrier to health and wellness? Take this week to plan out ways to overcome your barriers.

Leadership in a Nutshell

9 May

This is a great article on leadership. We could all use leadership not only in business, but in our own personal life as well. Taking leadership when it comes to your health can mean the difference between a long and prosperous life or one spent on medications.

Kyle Craig Coaching

Photo Credit: Beth Kanter Photo Credit: Beth Kanter

Leadership is certainly unique not only to the individual, but to the organization and it’s employees as a whole. Sometimes it’s the leader that shapes the organization and employees while other times, it’s the other way around. While there isn’t one correct method to how to lead, there are many resources out there that can help you shape your leadership style for your organization.

I’ve had the honor of working for one of the finest leaders I’ve ever met. While I will not divulge any names, this person exemplified how to lead a team, especially through a crisis. One of their biggest strengths they had as a leader was their ability to lead on a very individual and tailored basis. She understood on a very personal level, every persons qualities, characteristics and most importantly strengths. As a matter of fact, she new us so well that…

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