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Its Been A While

3 Jun

Posting on here has been quite the challenge. It is disheartening to open wordpress everyday and see the number of people who are visiting, or I should say aren’t visiting. If I do get visitors, it usually ranges from 1 to 4 and involves about a minute and a half on the site. I’ve asked what everyone wants and get nothing in response.

From here on out, I am using this as a personal platform. I’m going to use it to keep track of my own progress. I’ve been on a weight rollercoaster all of my life and I hope that this platform allows me to share the journey, my struggles (which are by the dozen) and my successes. If you want to read, great. If you want to comment, even better. I realize the web is inundated with millions of health websites so I am not going to try to be that source anymore.

So where has my journey brought me? I’ve going from 245 pounds down to 165 and back up to 225. On my last weight loss scant, in thirty days I went from 230 lbs to 205. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but I’d say I’m still right around that same weight. I have not worked out in over a year, but I’ve worked really hard to change my diet.  The last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed some major changes in my body like some thinning around the neck, and legs but still think I’m in the 205 range.

In June, I am working on my own challenge. With an 8 month old, it has been quite hard to get sleep let along get up before work and get a workout in.  June is going to be different. June is going to be the month I take control and start working out before work. This means I have to get up at 5:00 am get the dogs out, and then get as much of a workout in as possible. My goal is to work out at least 4 days a week. for 10 to 60 minutes each morning depending on intensity.

The first two days were great. Monday I completed a HIIT from the website Grokker. The workout was just what I needed to get started. It was 15 minutes of pure insanity, constantly moving and pushing myself. Today, I had a little less time to work out so I opted for the 7 Minute App. This app is fantastic and gives you 30 seconds of high intensity work followed by 10 seconds of rest. The workout left me completely exhausted, which is a combination of being sore from yesterday and the intensity of the workout today.

How will you challenge yourself in June? Are you beach body ready or are you like me and hoping to have a beach body by September?


Barriers, Barriers, Barriers

14 May

One of the biggest barriers I face on a daily basis is attempting to get a stellar workout in a 30 minute period of time at lunch. Typically I can get an insane weight lifting workout with an intense sprint session in on a daily basis. The barrier doesn’t lie in not having enough time to get the workout in, it lies in trying to get to the gym and finding a parking space. Some days provide a real struggle to find a space and the time wasted trying to find a space limits or inhibits my workout.

I am working hard to overcome this barrier by finding alternatives to going to the gym on days when the parking is atrocious. One way I’ve worked to overcome this is by developing a stellar stair routine that I can incorporate about one to two times a week.

We all have barriers in our life whether they are based around getting fit or bettering our lives in some other way. In order to successfully overcome those barriers, it takes real passion and dedication. Planning is the best defense to defeat the walls that we build for ourselves. If we have a plan for overcoming potential barriers, we are more likely to follow through with our goals than having to come up with a solution on the fly.

What is your biggest barrier to health and wellness? Take this week to plan out ways to overcome your barriers.

Share Your Success Story

5 May

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening! Whenever it may be that you are reading this. Welcome back!

I wanted to start a new segment that I hope you will be excited about. I would love for readers of this blog to share their success stories with diet and exercise. If I’m the one who inspired you, then great! If not, I’d love to know what did inspire you. If you are interested and want to feature yourself and perhaps self-promote your blog, then fill out the few questions below and send along with an attached before and after photo to intrinsicallyfit@gmail.com. Every Friday, I will post the success story along with a link to your blog or website if you have one. Serve as an inspiration for others who may be struggling with their own weight loss. I hope to hear your story soon!

1. Summarize you! (Give a brief story of your weight loss journey and use this section to promote your blog, website, etc)

2. What was your first victory in weight loss and how did it feel?

3. When did you reach your weight loss goal and how did it feel? If you haven’t hit it yet, how far do you have to go and what do you imagine your emotions will be?

4. Did you have help along the way? Did someone push you and/or join you in your weight loss journey?

5. What types of food did you eat? What types of exercises did you do?

6. How has losing weight impacted your life? (we want to know everything)

7. What tips can you give other readers who may be stuck in their journey or just starting out?

8. Is there anything else you would like to share?

I will read through these regularly. I am going to file every story, and if yours isn’t featured right away, I promise you that it will be featured at some point.

Targeting Fat through Exercise

23 Apr
The following excerpt has no scientific basis behind it and is simply my own opinion of fat loss. The statements should only be taken as opinion and not as scientific fat.  Please consult your physician if you have any questions in regards to losing weight and before starting any type of exercise regimen.

I have read hundreds of articles on whether or not you can specifically target areas of fat through diet and exercise.  I am going to use this forum to talk through the process and try to better understand this myself. While the research says it is a definitive no, that it cannot target specific areas, I honestly feel that it is more of a gray area no.  Let me be clear, I do not think that doing a million sit ups or squats will burn the fat only in those areas, however, I do think that you burn more fat in areas that you are moving than other areas of the body you aren’t, especially during exercise.  Please, do not take what I have to say in the following paragraphs as scientific fact.  This is simply me, talking myself through some logic.

We live in a world where one principle, following the path of least resistance, is true for most anything in physics. Take for example, water or electricity. Water when it is flowing down a stream and comes to a bend is going to more likely try to cut that bend off over time, making as straight a path as possible. Electricity is going to travel through wire that is made of copper faster than it will other materials like aluminum or steel because copper is more conducive to carrying the electricity.

Wouldn’t you think our bodies would follow this same principle. I’m only talking during exercise and not after.  Think about it. The first thing our body uses for fuel is glucose and glycogen stores within the muscle and the bloodstream. It does this because it is the easiest energy to obtain and is the most readily available.  After that, the body is going to pull from one of two sources either fat or proteins in the muscle.  Hopefully it is pulling from the former.  That being the case, wouldn’t you think that, during exercise, the body would want to fuel the muscle with fat from the nearest source? I understand that while yes, the rest of the body is going to be breaking fat down into glucose to get it into the bloodstream as quickly as possible, it has to be pulling a more readily available source of energy.  That’s where I feel that it has to pull the glucose from the broken down fat nearest to the muscle. So if you are doing squats, before the rest of the body has an opportunity to break down the fat, it is already pulling fat from the leg area.

Again, I’m not saying go out and do a bagillion squats and your legs will be fat free. Eventually, I’m guessing within a minute, your bloodstream is going to be infatuated with energy from broken down fat from all over the body. Think about fat accumulation, the first places that fat is going to accumulate is around major arteries, first around those closest to the surface and second around the ones deeper in the body. The second place is going to be around major organs.   The first scenario, around major arteries serves a couple of purposes. First, it helps to insulate the body and prevent heat loss through the bodies surface.  The second is, having it so close to those major vessels allows for quicker absorption to get energy to where the body needs it. The second scenario is clear, the fat accumulates around the organs to protect it from impact as well as provide lasting energy to help it perform its basic duties.

Don’t you think these same principles would apply to the muscles as well? We tend to accumulate fat first in the arms and legs and then the excess beyond that goes into the stomach or buttocks regions. Depending on your body shape and genetics, some may accumulate more in certain areas like the buttocks more than others.

I don’t know about you, but anytime I read an article that states definitively that fat isn’t targeted through exercise has left out the gray area that I have mentioned.  One last time, I’m not saying that doing a specific exercise will eliminate fat in that area. Keep track of your fat loss and see what happens when you walk more, squat, bench press, or do pull ups.  My guess is that you will see the fat diminish from the legs and arms first, followed by the chest area and then last but not least, you will begin to see adipose disappear from your mid section.

What are your thoughts on fat loss? Do you have any tips to help others lose weight? Where do you think the science will be in 10 years?

5 Things You Need to Know About Weightloss

3 Apr

If there is one thing I know, it is weight loss. I have been through the gamete when it comes to weight loss and I’ve always had success achieving my goals.  The first go-round I had with it was the p90x experience. With p90x I saw results I never thought I would ever see before and was ultimately in the best shape of my life. The great thing about it was, I mostly continued to eat what I wanted, though healthier versions, and still saw results.  Let’s face it, with all that working out, why wouldn’t you lose 20 to 30 pounds.  That is exactly what I experience.  The second go-round of weight loss I changed things up completely. Yes, I worked out, but I wasn’t nearly as crazy about it and the only thing I really focused on was weight training with very little cardio.  Following the Paleo diet, I saw tremendous results having lost 70 + lbs in a little over 3 months. I had started in March and by June I was at my goal weight of 165. Here are the five things I learned about weight loss that should help you along your journey.

1. Consistency

I’m not going to tell you one diet is better than another; or that you need to work out x number of hours using y program to see the results you want. What I will tell you though is that you need to be consistent in whatever you choose.  Whether you are trying out Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem, Insanity, or CrossFit, one thing remains the same, you have to stay consistent. Even if you are trekking out on your own plan, staying consistent matters because it helps you develop habit and prevents you from straying off course.  Our bodies are naturally wired for homeostasis and being consistent allows us to rewire our bodies to a leaner, healthier version.

2. Weight Loss is Hard

If you’re getting into weight loss thinking it’s going to be a piece of cake, it won’t take very long before you’re cooped up in a mountain of cake and trying to eat your way out of it.  Weight loss is hard and most people don’t experience more than a few pounds of weight loss each week or even each month.  Only the lucky ones are likely to see big results quickly. However, if you stay consistent like I said above, the weight loss may start out slow but then build the snowball affect as you get toward the middle of your goal.  Slow and steady wins the race.

3. 90% of Weight Loss is Nutrition

I learned this the hard way. If you noticed in my introduction, I tackled weight loss through both routes, physically and nutritionally. While working out certainly helps you build a base and makes weight loss easier to accomplish and maintain, the secret ingredient in this battle is your nutrition.  When I did p90x, I certainly saw the results but even having dropped 30 pounds by my wedding, I still wasn’t seeing the results I had hoped for. I will pre-curse that with the fact, I did not follow their nutrition plan and I certainly wasn’t eating as healthy as I could. When I switched to a nutrition packed diet and moderate exercise, the results came much quicker and the working out was much easier.  Nutrition is the key to helping your body heal and setting up the chemistry just right for optimal weight loss.

4. It Is Easier with a Partner

Going about being healthy and losing weight is much easier when someone is there fighting the good fight with you.  This case is 100 x more true when that person fighting the fight is your significant other (I’ll get to that in a minute). Having someone who can hold you accountable is key and making sure they hold you accountable is very important. If you are ever in a situation where you are going to cheat, think about the disappointment that you will bring to that other person.  Someone told me one time (this is related to quitting smoking) that when they wanted to have a cigarette, all they had to do was picture themselves telling their mom or their children that they had to have that cigarette for x reason and it immediately caused them to lose the craving.  The feeling of disappointing someone is deep and hurtful and a lot harder to bear than the thought of missing out on a pleasurable scoop of ice cream.

If you are married or living with someone, having them join you in the fight is doubly important.  1 reason and 1 reason only is this the case; if you are eating healthy and they are eating junk, it is going to be much harder to avoid temptation.  If you are both in it together, you can remove all potential temptations from the beginning and set your environment to be more successful.

5. It Takes Commitment

Weight loss takes commitment even beyond the day you reach your goal. I will go one further and say that the commitment needs to be stronger after you reach your goal.  It is easy to feel satisfied and fall off the wagon, get into old habits and see the weight pile back on.  I got comfortable after my last round of weight loss and got back into old routines after the stress of life caught up to me with having a baby on the way, the threat of losing my job, and the thought of moving 11 hours away.  I allowed those comfort foods to creep back into my life instead of finding healthy comfort foods that could ease my stress. You need to stay committed from the moment you make the decision to lose weight. If you don’t it’s going to be a cyclical pattern and you’ll never see the results you want long term.

How are you doing in your weight loss journey? Have you had some stumbles along the way? If you have progress updates, let us know with a comment below!

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